• The Chequers

Welcome back to the Chequers!

Today is the day!

We cannot wait to see you all!

We open today: 12-9

Tuesday: 12-9pm

Wednesday: 12-10

Thursday: 12-11

Friday: 12-12

Saturday: 12-12

Sunday: 12-8

- Track and Trace is now mandatory for every person over 16. There will be QR codes as you enter or the manual form with one of our members of staff.

- We have the app Round for everyone to be able to safely order from their tables. There will always be staff around to help if there are any issues with this.

- Tables will be sat by the rule of 6 or two households per table.

- You must remain seated at your tables.

- Please wear your mask whenever you are up from your table to visit the bathrooms or walking in/out.

Please message on facebook, or phone during opening hours for any questions or bookings,

We will see you in an hour!!

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